45 Gin School

45 Gin School

45 Gin School - The Distillers Kitchen is located in an old retail building in Leicester overlooking the vibrant marketplace! One unique aspect about the Gin School is that they offer a unique insight into how to make gin and the entire distilling process. This is what makes them stand out and attract thousands of visitors every year.

As we all know, the people of UK really enjoy their Gin and therefore, 45 Gin School makes sure that every visitor is thoroughly satisfied with their respective experiences. The experience lasts for about three hours and it includes - Cocktail and Gin infused Masterclass, Q&A by their professional distille, complementary Burleighs Gin and FeverTree Tonic, choosing and blending botanicals to create your very own unique recipe! And labelling your craft gin creation ready to take home and drink at your own comfort and leisure.

The 45 Gin School has a shop where you can buy their different types of distilled Gin. 

The School believes in variety and utmost comfort. That being said, they have a range of botanicals that you can choose from. They say that without the botanicals, Gin wouldn’t be Gin. Whether you prefer floral, citrus, herbal or spicy tastes, you will get the opportunity to create your own with your own freedom.

They have about 100 botanicals that you can choose from. The most important part of distilling is the process of weighing the botanicals. But don’t you worry, The 45 Gin School helps you with the quantities so that you can enjoy and appreciate the delicate flavours of gin.

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