Discover Leicester - Part 1

Discover Leicester - Part 1

Discover Leicester - Part One

There are multiple things to discover in Leicester, everything from architecture to attractions that are out of this world. In this series of short blogs we will be delving into what makes this city a real treasure trove, explore iconic landmarks that put the place marker on the city to it’s most well kept secrets.

Uncover the greatest lost-and-found story

How can the grave site of an anointed King of England be lost? More to the point, after more than 500 years, how can it be found again? Uncover this incredible story at the King Richard III Visitor Centre, where you can learn about the fascinating story of his life, death, and discovery.

Discover Leicester’s 2,000 years of history

Follow the story of Leicester - from Roman times, through the Middle Ages, the city’s manufacturing, engineering and transport history, the Victorian era and beyond - as you seek out the city's heritage information panels, located on and around iconic landmarks. Or visit Leicester’s Newarke Houses Museum, set in two historic houses, which feature exhibitions telling the social history of our contemporary city.

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