Things to do in Leicester – Art – Shopping

Things to do in Leicester – Art – Shopping

Shopping and art in Leicester

Leicester is a City immersed in culture, the City is practically overflowing with it. List of things to do in Leicester is great for locals and visitors alike, the offering of shops, independent and chain are many and the chance to experience world class art in Leicester is the same. So where to begin on this journey? Let’s start with the lifeblood of any City, the independent retail shops.

As you navigate your way down the intertwined cobbled paths of Leicester’s Lanes you’ll come across shops ranging from boutique, high-end independent retailers to niche vintage stores. In these gems you’ll be able to pick up everything from unique wardrobe additions to ornaments for your home that are sure to be a statement piece. These independent shops are absolutely perfect if you’re looking for something individualistic for yourself or that quirky friend of yours while shopping in Leicester.

If you’re looking for a more mainstream shopping experience then shopping at Highcross is more likely your style. The Highcross is the City’s largest shopping centre, hosting one hundred plus brands all under one roof. Truly designed for the day you will not only find top named brands but also your favourite high street shops, restaurants and eateries for the dedicated shoppers.

If shopping isn’t your thing to do in Leicester and you’re looking for a spot of culture Leicester can accommodate that too. Leicester Museum & Art Gallery is a place where you can be taken to anywhere or anytime in the history of the world. Explore the beauty of ancient Egypt one moment and then be in the Amazon rainforest during the Jurassic era in the blink of an eye. Throughout the year the museum/gallery hosts limited exhibitions so check what’s on whilst you’re in town to experience art in Leicester.

Alternatively you can come across urban art all over Leicester, over the years the streets of the City are decorated with imagery in the form of urban street art. Since the introduction of Bring the Pain Street Art Festival, Leicester has erupted into a visual landscape to contend with and is hoping to become one of the biggest visual capitals in the country.

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