Work from Hotel in Leicester Wigston

Work from Hotel in Leicester Wigston

Work from Hotel in Leicester Wigston is a new concept that the Holiday Inn Leicester Wigston is offering to its customers. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, both leisure and business trips at hotels in Leicester have seen a massive decline. Work from hotel in Leicester gives us an opportunity to help people who are stuck working from home on wobbly desks and chairs that give them a bad back and, at the same time, make use of our fantastic facilities which are unfortunately going to waste at the moment.

Work from hotel in Leicester allows anybody, at a very reasonable price, to come to our hotel and take advantage of all our great facilities and working areas, free Wi-Fi, barista coffee, gym, and you can even stay overnight if you feel like it. The point is, work from hotel in Leicester Wigston is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get out of the house and do some work in a new environment, get some new ideas, and get a fresh perspective.

With no commitment, just book whenever you feel like on the same day or a week before. Book for a couple of hours or book for the whole day, it's up to you and, while you are working from our hotel in Leicester, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner all from our fantastic on-site Bella Italia restaurant.

Office meetings and ‘water cooler moments’ are a thing of the past and many people are feeling isolated working from home and they're losing their touch. When you work from hotel in Wigston, you have the opportunity to get a bit of socialising done to help you think, help you reset your mind and get back into that collaborative mood that we all need to be productive.

Come as many times or as little as you want. Maybe start your Mondays off at our hotel and finish-off your week with us on a Friday. Maybe you want to come every day at a particular time at breakfast or after lunch or just before dinner, so you can enjoy a nice meal. The point is you're always going to be welcome when you book work from hotel in Leicester package at Holiday Inn Leicester Wigston.

We have so much space! We are a purpose-built hotel so social distancing is not a problem and we have free unlimited parking in Leicester on site! We also have excellent hygiene standards thanks to InterContinental Hotel Group’s strict brand rules and safety procedures. We will ensure you will be safe the whole time you're with us.

To book our work from hotel in Wigston Leicester package, simply go on our website, enter your arrival time and date and then your departure time. Usually, the date of departure will be the same date as arrival; you'll just choose the arrival time and departure time on the day that suits you. Don't worry about arriving exactly at the right time and leaving at exactly the right time, there's obviously some flexibility there. We understand what the customer wants and needs and nothing is set in stone, just give us your best estimate of your arrival time, your best estimate of your departure time and we'll make sure you're comfortable and happy once you're with us.

We can't wait to help you progress in your business when you work from hotel in Leicester at Holiday Inn Leicester Wigston.

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