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XTREME Scream Park 2018

XTREME Scream Park 2018

Do you think your brave enough? Try Xtreme located at Twinlakes. Think twice as Scarecon have voted this epic Scream Park No1. Visitors must be 16 years or over tostep foot within six depth scare attractions.

  1. Ash Hell Penitentiary - A cannibal prison
  2. The Pie Factory - Where the meat is 100% human
  3. HOODOO VOODOO - Spiritual cleansing
  4. The Village - Genetically modified scarecrows
  5. Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa
  6. Curtain Chaos – The Final Curtain!

If the scares become too much for you there is also a festival field with live bands, food stalls and a bar.

28 September 2018 - 31 October 2018