Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo

The Twycross Zoo is a reasonably sized zoo near Norton Twycross, Leicester. Surprisingly, the zoo has the largest amount of monkeys and apes in the Western World. Approximately 450,000 visitors gave a visit to this Primate Centre in Leicester. 

The Twycross Zoo in Leicester is the only place in the whole of UK that has a group of bonobos. They also have a range of other species such as giraffes, snow leopards, kangaroos, penguins, meerkats, tapirs, snakes, flamingos and the worlds largest big cat - The Amur Leopard.

They have special trails where visitors can walk with ring - tailed lemurs, watch Humboldt penguins during their walks, watch several species of gibbons swinging around the special gibbon forest, see the great apes - gorrila, orangutan and chimpanzees. 

You can walk through the colourful butterfly forest, watch the penguin parade and kids can enjoy at their indoor soft area, outdoor play areas and a massive Wet & Wild Water play area during their family days out in Leicester!

The Twycross Zoo in Leicester are proud to say that they've won the Best Sustainable Zoo or Aquarium and Best Education Project awards in 2013. Their constant aim to conserve endangered species is something to be respected. They have a number of breeding programmes.

The Twycross Zoo in Leicester is open for 365 days of the year and have an in house cafe for a light snack and a refreshment.

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