Journey back in time

Journey back in time

In August 2012, a skeleton was uncovered beneath a car park in Leicester – and, after extensive examinations and DNA testing, scientists concluded it was indeed the remains of the long-lost Last Plantagenet King of England, King Richard III. Now, overlooking that very car park, the award-winning King Richard III Visitor Centre offers the chance to journey back in time and experience the incredible story of King Richard’s life and death, as well as the remarkable archaeological detective story that led to his unearthing.

Travel back five centuries into the heart of the War of the Roses – a time of murder, mystery and mayhem – and decide for yourself whether Richard had the right to the throne. Immerse yourself in the Battle of Bosworth, with the thundering of soldiers and the pounding of horses’ hooves, and see the king killed as he defends his crown. Through a combination of storytelling, intricate design and twenty-first-century technology, you’ll experience the fascinating story of this famous king like never before – the last English king to die in battle, and the first to be DNA tested!

The Visitor Centre is located right in the heart of the city, opposite Leicester Cathedral, and is open every day of the year from 10am, except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. A visit usually takes around 90-minutes, and there’s plenty to engage all ages of explorers during this journey back in time.

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