King Richard III Visitor Centre

King Richard III Visitor Centre

One of the famous landmarks of Leicester is King Richard the III’s Visitor Centre. It attracts people from all over the world and is quite an interesting site.

It basically showcases his life and the entire story of how his remains were discovered in 2012. Due to the worldwide interest in this particular discovery, Leicester City Council decided to convert the Victorian school building into a visiting centre.

The King Richard III Visitor Centre was designed by Paul East and it cost about 4 million pounds to make. It reveals one of the greatest archaeological detective stories ever told and features the first-ever genome sequencing of ancient DNA.

The Victorian School is where King Richard’s remains were found in 2012/2013.

The centre is open everyday and was awarded as the Best Museum by the Group Leisure and Travel Awards.

The King Richard III Visitor Centre holds events on a regular basis, making it an interactive and educational space for people of all generations. It can be hired for events as well.

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