Leicester Guildhall

Leicester Guildhall

The Leicester Guildhall is about 600 years old and is one of the best - kept, well preserved timber framed halls in the entire country. It’s the oldest historic building in Leicester and is still in use. 

When it comes to history, the Guildhall was built in 1390 as the meeting place of the Guild of Corpus Christi; a group of businessmen and gentry who had religious connections.

Visitors are usually observed to be in awe of this structure and how well it still stands out. The funny part about Leicester Guildhall building is that it was used as a police station between the years 1896 to the 1900’s. As we all know, a police station never really hosts the best cultured people. After that, it was used as a school. The guildhall has been refurbished several times and each time for a different reason.

Literature fanatics would be pleased to hear that Shakespeare performed at the Guildhall during Tudor times. Although, in this day and age, the Guildhall is known for hosting performances which attract a number of people from all over the country.

Leicester Guildhall could be called a museum due to its historic significance. It’s home to The White Rose Cafe and the medieval Leicester galleries.

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