Stoneywell Cottage

Stoneywell Cottage

The Stoneywell Cottage in Markfield, Leicestershire is perfect for every occasion, be it a summer house or a family vibe, it fits right in.

Ernest Gimson designed the cottage; his vision for art and craft manifested into being an international movement of truly British origin. The golden rule, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”, Stoneywell is the epitome of the rule.

The objects in this cottage are undeniably unique and spare in design. Absolutely nothing is unneeded and the ambiance, among the rocky outcrops of the Charnwood Forest make it an enjoyable experience for every visitor to National Trust's Stoneywell Cottage in Leicestershire.

The garden at the Stoneywell Cottage is perfect to let off some steam. The variety of trees and flowers give it an orchard feel. Kids love to play around with the ample amount of space and greenery.

With lots of trees and beautiful flowers, a number of butterflies are bound to be around! The grassland attracts a number of butterflies that visit to feed on the nectar or lay in their eggs for the caterpillars to feed upon. The most common one seen is the Large White one. Kids and adults love being around these beautiful creatures and therefore, the trail is always packed with families and couples!

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