One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings, and Leicester is celebrating with a summer of festivities that will be truly out of this world! With partners including the National Space Centre, Arts Council England and Inspirate, One Giant Leap will be a creative, intergalactic exploration like no other.

Relax under the stars at the Intergalactic Outdoor Cinema in Jubilee Square, showing space-themed masterpiece Rogue One on Friday 19th July. Inspire your creativity with Create-A-Con in Space on 20th July, where you can play new space-themed video games, see Micro:Bit-powered lunar landings, and even check out Mars rovers! There’s plenty coming up later in the year, too: travel to Leicester’s Cathedral to experience artist Luke Jerram’s awe-inspiring Museum of the Moon – an enormous, illuminated replica of the moon; try your hand at retro-style arcade games set in space; take part in Bricklive Outer Space; or enjoy the spectacular projection show in New Market Square!

The National Space Centre has a complimentary summer of immersive events to celebrate the 50th anniversary, too, running from 13th July to 1st September: travel that bit closer to the moon by discovering real lunar rocks; make your own Mission Patch; find out about the hidden people who made the Apollo 11 landings possible; become a Mission Commander and relive the incredible moment of the Lunar Landing; or sit back and be wowed by the new Planetarium show, ‘CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story’.

Join thousands of others heading to Leicester to take part in One Giant Leap, a fun, creative way of exploring a pivotal moment in our world’s history. Located just a couple of miles from the city centre, staying at the Holiday Inn Leicester Wigston ensures you’re right in the heart of the action!

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