New Walk Museum

New Walk Museum

The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester was designed by Joseph Hansom, the designer of the hansom cab. Although it has been expanded several times after that, most recent being in 2011. 

It’s located on New Walk, in Leicester, close to the city centre. A fun - fact about this particular museum is that it was one of the very first public museums to have opened in the UK, back in 1849. 

It contains displays of a wide range of subjects, such as: history, science, art, all internationally and local. It also has a significant collection of extinct lifeforms, such as: two dinosaur skeletons, a cetiosaur and a plesiosaur. 

Sir David Attenborough opened a new room at the museum in 2011, where extinct marine reptiles were kept on display. For the Egyptian fans, The New Walk Museum  and Art Gallery holds upto four Egyptian mummies and has a complete section devoted to Egyptology. 

An interesting aspect about this museum is that it holds the UK's largest collection of German Expressionist Art. Paintings by Paul Klee, George Baselitz, Wassily Kandinsky were smuggled out of Nazi Germany before the WWll and put up in the museum. 

Visitors also find more than a hundred of Picasso’s ceramic arts kept on display, which was donated by Richard Attenborough. 

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