Newarke Houses Museum

Newarke Houses Museum

The Newarke Houses Museum unfolds the story of Leicester and the history of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment with a cinematic experience, a diverse collection of toys from Tudor to the present day. The Museum comprises of two historic houses - 1) Wygston's Chantry House that was built in circa 1511 and 2) Thomas Skeffington's House which was as early as the 17th century. 

Daniel Lambert was a well - known son of Leicester and you can find out more about him and visit the unconventional 1950's, Wharf Street inspired street scene that includes the Jolly Angler public house, a grocer and a pawnbroker, making it a complete realistic experience at the Newarke Houses Museum. 

An interesting part about the Museum is that you can explore and find out more about the home front and history of the Regiment which isn't available in a physical format anywhere else in the world. The Museum in Leicester has tried its level best to make it an interactive and interesting experience and therefore added oral stories, archive film computer interactives and collections discover the histories of Newarke Houses. 

Just in case you're with young kids or babies, there is a safe and fun play area exclusively made for children.

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